How to use the inventory

To search all records, simply type a keyword into the search box or refine your search with categories in the advanced search. A list of matching models and applications along with short descriptions will be generated for you to review. Click on model to find out more information about it, including general characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, data requirements, contact information and references, as well as a list of applications that use the model.

If you are a researcher, modeler or developer with a model or application to add to the database, or if you already have a model in the inventory and need to make updates: please register to become a contributor to the inventory.

Welcome to the Great Lakes
Model Inventory

The Great Lakes Model Inventory, a product of the Great Lakes Observing System, is an inventory and review of modeling and assessment tools that are in use throughout the Great Lakes basin and provides direct access to models (when available). The inventory builds on a survey completed by LimnoTech Inc. in 2002 and uses a web interface to allow easy search of the records as well as content management access for modelers, developers and researchers to update information and add additional models and applications. With a community-driven approach to content updates, this inventory is dynamic and fosters communication not only among modelers, but between modelers and resource managers in the Great Lakes region.